Creating Priorities vs. Competing Priorities: Piano’s new feature leaves nothing to chance

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Creating Priorities vs. Competing Priorities: Piano’s new feature leaves nothing to chance

See if this sounds familiar. As the operations, marketing or audience engagement manager for a digital media company or business, it’s your job to engage your site’s visitors and convert them into subscribers or known users. And you’re using a multitude of methods to make that happen — from promotions and offers, to newsletter signups, content recommendations and requests to turn off ad blockers. You may even be testing different messaging, creatives or calls-to-action for each to see what works best.

With all of those offers and promotions in play, how do you define who sees what? And what happens if all of them are presented to the same audience, on the same page?

The Power of Prioritization

You want your user experience to be a well-oiled machine. That means you don’t want your users to be overwhelmed by all of your offers at once — or for them to see competing or conflicting messaging at the same time. Instead, you need a way to prioritize them, so that users only see what you want them to see, when you want them to see it. 

That’s where Action Exclusivity comes in.

By letting you prioritize your offers, Action Exclusivity helps you remove any threat of conflict and stops multiple competing experiences from being targeted to the same person on the same page. The result: operational efficiency and better end user experience performance.

 Introducing Piano’s Action Exclusivity Feature

Piano’s new Action Exclusivity feature — now available in Piano Composer — allows you to control cross-experience action execution by visualizing and controlling all of the experiences you have in play, prioritizing and deprioritizing as needed. It lets users see only what you want them to see — and lets you provide them with a more customized, finely tuned user experience.

Find out how Action Exclusivity can help you prioritize experiences. Request a demo today.


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