Introducing Traffic Volume 3: Read the newest issue of Piano’s magazine for digital business


What happens when world-class long-form journalism meets powerful industry insights? A new issue of Traffic is born.

Created out of Piano’s desire to remain on top of digital business trends, and build new understandings of the models that thrive, Traffic features interviews with today’s top innovators and digs deep into the revenue and audience data they rely on. Now, the third volume of Traffic has been released.

“Traffic was born out of Piano's desire to host a conversation around digital business and digital media, but also to understand some of the questions that hadn't been grappled with before,” says Traffic Editor-in-Chief Patrick Appel. “When you're someone who has to make a decision that has business consequences, spending six months to do the research to get the insight is impossible. Traffic can do that, asking what are the guideposts that companies have and how can they find their way forward?”

In this issue, the cover story on Tortoise Media shows readers how a team of media heavyweights are reimagining digital journalism, while an article on the Minneapolis Star Tribune demonstrates how the publication turned itself around from bankruptcy to become the most successful metro paper in America. The pages also explore subscription boxes, MealPal and how one small, financially struggling university became the biggest in the country thanks to its online education model.

By talking to prominent voices across digital business, and delving deeper into the data that drives them, Piano hopes the newest issue of Traffic will build a dialogue that spreads those insights further — creating a better understanding of the competitive landscape and the opportunities available to those invested in it. 


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