Making Every Offer Count: Turning Users Into Subscribers in a Modern Media Landscape

Making Every Offer Count: Turning Users Into Subscribers in a Modern Media Landscape


In today’s competitive media environment, content providers and publishers need to use all of the tools in their toolbox to meet their audience and revenue goals. But many are still not sure how to get it right.

Realizing that digital advertising is no longer enough to fuel business growth, and accumulating clicks isn’t going to increase future chances of success, some choose to panic. Others try to ignore their decreasing revenue numbers and double down on an outdated model instead. But a growing number of media companies recognize an opportunity to accomplish something else — building their business through direct relationships with their users.

But converting users into subscribers isn’t always easy. It means fostering engagement and building a user experience that connects. It also requires the right offer to inspire conversion. All of which are tasks many media providers struggle with.

To help navigate those changes and find answers that work, Piano has analyzed user habits and business tactics across our network of over 1,000 media brands. As they strive to gain loyalty and encourage engagement, in order to carve out a subscription base, they have one thing in common: an interest in learning the new strategies and insights that guide the media world today.

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