On the Merits of Membership: Piano and Tortoise Join the Podcast "Media Voices"


“Great membership businesses grow exponentially through recommendation.”

Katie Vanneck-Smith, co-founder of Tortoise Media, is putting this hypothesis to the test with the slow-news venture that could potentially change the way people engage with and consume content today. She joined Piano SVP of Strategy Michael Silberman on the podcast Media Voices to discuss the changes they’ve witnessed in the publishing industry over the past few years and the fundamental differences between membership and subscription strategies.

While subscription-based strategies of all kinds continue to thrive both inside and outside of media, Tortoise opted for a membership-based approach — a decision that has played a critical role in creating a loyal audience and achieving the company’s business goals. Tune into their conversation with Chris Sutcliffe from Media Voices to find out how.

Listen to the episode here, or read more about Tortoise in Volume 3 of Traffic, Piano’s magazine for digital business.

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