Data-driven product pricing for digital subscriptions

This is another article from Piano’s Lead Data Scientist Roman Gavuliak written last year and re-posted here for the edification of our faithful readers. To read all of Roman’s articles please ...
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New Zealand Newspaper jumps on the Paid Content bandwagon

By Tim Murphy, The Spinoff Its masthead describes it as the “Independent Voice of the South.” Others, affectionately, call it the Oddity. Now the Otago Daily Times lives up to both labels with ...
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Paying for Digital News: The rapid adoption and current landscape of digital subscriptions at U.S. newspapers

By Alex Williams, American Press Institute
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Editorial Analytics: news organizations embracing analytics and metrics, but most have far to go

News organizations are increasingly embracing the use of analytics and metrics as part of editorial decision making, but what constitutes a sophisticated analytics strategy? And why are so many
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User engagement

Jon Skinner (ESPN) and Shane Smith (Vice) share thoughts at Code/Media

Piano's David Restrepo is at the Code/Media conference in Dana Point, CA and listened to ESPN chief Jon Skinner talk about the future of ESPN. Apparently, David says, ESPN is working on getting
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Piano Sponsors first-ever Slovak MeasureCamp

MeasureCamp, to those in the know, is an “unconference” dedicated to data and analytics and has a worldwide following. Piano’s Lead Data Scientist Roman Gavuliak helped bring MeasureCamp to the
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Piano holds Digital Strategies Workshop in Bogota

Kweli Washington listens to a question at the Piano Digital Strategies Workshop
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The trouble with growth

By Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review
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