Can you get readers to pay a dollar a day for digital news?

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Greentech Media launches Piano VX Payment Platform

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iOS9, A Quiet Start to a Very Big War

Apple announced iOS9 in June to relatively little fanfare outside the tech/Apple geek bubble that it occupies. Buried deep within that June announcement that only a few in our industry actually ...
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Funke Media Group's Bergedorfer Zeitung rolls out Piano Platform

Building upon our success from last week, Piano is super excited to announce that Germany's third largest publisher, Funke Media, has launched Bergedorfer Zeitung on our platform. Piano is going
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Esquire Classic joins Piano’s Crescendo of Publishers!

For the second time this week Piano welcomes another iconic national brand into the fold, Esquire Classics from the Hearst Corporation. Subscribers to Esquire Classics will be entitled to read
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Piano Tapped By America Television to Monetize its Video Streaming Offering, America TVGO

Peru’s biggest broadcaster chooses Piano’s VX platform to monetize international online video streaming across all platforms including desktop, mobile and apps
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Piano's CEO Trevor Kaufman interviewed by Business Insider

We are pretty excited about how things are going at, we have incredible software, an amazing team and a really long view of the industry. In this article by Business Insider's Lara
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Piano Media + Tinypass = Incredibly Great

It’s impossible to really gauge just how great merging Piano Media with Tinypass is. Sure, there are tangibles, like getting Piano Media’s clients onto the awesome Tinypass VX software or
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