Announcing Piano Academy: The Subscription Event of 2020


Successful subscription businesses are a journey, not a destination. And what works for one isn’t necessarily the right fit for another. 

Which is why we’ve developed Piano Academy. 

We’re taking years of learnings, over hundreds of websites and millions of subscribers, and packing them into the most complete end-to-end virtual event of 2020. Piano Academy is designed to take you through the beginning, middle and long-term stages of a successful subscription program. It’s packed with content, speakers and data. 

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll cover hot topics such as:

  • Launching a successful subscription business
  • What brands can learn from publishers about monetizing content
  • Maximizing Acquisition: Perfecting Pricing and Promotions
  • Targeting Your Audience: Right User, Right Message, Right Time
  • Know how to grow: Strategies for boosting CLTV

From Sept. 16 to Dec. 2, we promise to bring lots of learnings to your inbox and social feeds, as well as feature tons of guest speakers and case studies throughout the semester. 

Get started:

Step1: Take our brief quiz to determine which courses are right for you.

Step 2: Register for our live webinars. First course is September 16, featuring the CEO of the Daily Memphian, discussing how they launched a successful subscription business from scratch. 

Register for Piano Academy

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Orchestrate and automate your entire user journey with Piano.

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