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Canada’s newest subscription news outlet The Logic officially launched in beta today. They’re a Piano client and we’re thrilled to support them.

Modeled after the Silicon Valley news site The Information, The Logic will focus primarily on the innovation economy and its impacts across business, policy, and culture. In its beta form, it will also offer a free curated daily email briefing and an initial paywalled offering of two feature stories per week. An annual subscription is $300.

In an interview with Nieman Lab, CEO and editor-in-chief David Skok discusses his reasons for creating the news site, as well as implementing a paid content strategy.

“I firmly believe that at this moment in time, for all the reasons many others have already documented, people are willing to pay for subscriptions in a way they weren’t just a short time ago. You hear all the time that Canadians won’t pay for news online, but the thing is, many of them are paying for news from U.S.-based organizations.”

Prior to launch, Skok chose Piano to help prove that point, and to enable him to build his business. As Skok wrote in his editor’s letter, “Our growth and success depends on your support. By subscribing early, you will be providing us with the operating capital we need to invest in longer-term investigations. With more subscribers, we will hire more reporters.”

Taking advantage of Piano’s full stack offering - Composer, VX, and ID — the news outlet will have the power to effectively deliver the right experiences to the right audiences, better manage customer relationships, and drive new revenue to support its growth and operational goals.

Congratulations to The Logic on their successful launch.

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