Announcing Piano for Google AMP

Announcing Piano for Google AMP

Most audience growth in the past few years has been on mobile, reaching 62% of total time spent by the beginning of 2018, according to ComScore. One important driver of that growth is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages — AMP. The pages load fast, and Google promotes AMP pages in search results, especially for news media sites. But there’s a trade-off for those fast pages — the user experience has to be very simple in order to keep things snappy. That meant paywall sites were out of luck, because the on-page JavaScript code for metering and locking rules couldn’t run. But no longer.

The launch of Piano experience templates for Google AMP enables content metering and locking, registration walls, paywalls and messaging to sign up for an email newsletter or download an app. All based on Piano segmentation and rules, and fully-integrated with the Piano platform.

Target users who are anonymous or logged in, based on their content permissions, device, OS or browser. Detect if they’re first time or returning users. Segment based on referring site or geography. Or pass custom variables, including customer segments from DMPs and other tools, on your AMP pages and target based on those values too. You can even run split tests for different meter rules or user messages.

Piano for Google AMP comes with eight pre-built templates that are fully-customizable for your site and brand, plus you can create your own templates triggered by AMP variables.

Turn AMP from a high-traffic, low-revenue opportunity into an effective channel for engaging your users and capturing new customers. For complete details on Piano’s AMP experiences, check out our documentation. And if you’re ready to get started with AMP, talk with your account manager or fill out this short form and a Piano representative will be in touch.

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