Revisualizing Conversion: Piano Redesigns Conversion Report

Conversion is key to building audience and revenue. Which means that understanding what causes a user to convert is integral information for any company.

And for Piano customers, the VX Conversion report helps achieve exactly that, providing an overview of conversion, broken down into three metrics: exposures, conversions and conversion rate. It showcases data based on term, template, page, device and location and lets users filter by term type — including payment or registration terms — or view according to specific offers, terms or currency.

Now a new redesign makes it easier for users to visualize what’s inspiring users to convert — and to pinpoint what’s not creating the impact they’re after.

The VX Conversion Report

The new VX Conversion report allows Piano customers to better visualize conversion, and to layer various conversion points on top of each other to clearly understand how they relate to one another. The redesigned report allows users to:

  • Segment conversion metrics in new ways, such as drilling down to the success of a specific term or currency type, and view registration and payment conversions separately.
  • Access and visualize data, for a clearer view of the success of specific campaigns, terms and offers.
  • Export to CSV, to splice data in Excel, share with other team members and compare against additional data sets.
  • Make better decisions on where to invest your dollars — and where strategy improvements may be required going forward.

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