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More and more users are willing to pay for content. We see that for hundreds of sites on the Piano platform, and in prominent media industry examples like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. But, we also know that many users aren’t ready to pay — even the most successful sites convert only a fraction of their total audience. Typically with a paywall site, those users are completely blocked once they hit the paywall — they can’t see more content or ads. That’s potential revenue left on the table.

So, how can you serve those users and unlock that lost revenue, while still maintaining your paywall business model?

One option is to show them a high-value, engaging video advertisement in exchange for access. Piano is pleased to announce a new partnership to enable this feature with true[X], the leader in high-impact attention-based advertising for premium publishers.

When a user lands on a site with Piano+true[X] content unlocking, Piano’s custom segmentation algorithm will detect a repeat visitor’s level of loyalty. Based on defined rules, visitors are then asked to either subscribe to gain full access or interact with a true[X] ad in exchange for temporary access. Either way, the media site collects premium revenue.

The Ad Age Experience
AdAge, a global media leader publishing analysis, news and data on marketing and media, is taking advantage of Piano+true[X]'s content unlocking capabilities. This new approach means AdAge can better define, target, and convert anonymous visitors who occasionally visit the site, but are less inclined to subscribe or pay for content. The user benefits from continued access, while the site generates additional ad revenue from both true[X] and the unlocked content.

The Result
AdAge quickly realized that visitors who were asked to view a video ad in order to read an article were significantly more likely to register later, whether or not they viewed the ad. While the biggest effect was for visitors who viewed the ad –– an increase of 17x their current registration conversion rate –– visitors who chose not to view an ad were still 3x more likely to register than visitors who were only presented with registration offers.

Additionally, allowing users to sample more content has increased engagement on the site and the likelihood they’ll eventually become subscribers. Piano’s sophisticated targeting tools have allowed Ad Age precise control over who sees the true[X] option, when, and how often, so you can tune the experience for your audience and business.

Start capturing lost revenue with Piano and true[X]. To read more about our partnership with true[X], check out our recent write up on TechCrunch.

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