Dig Deep Into Your Audience Experience With Three New Reports in Composer


Every step along the conversion journey, and every move your users make as they interact with your site, has value — helping you build towards your revenue and business goals. And with the launch of three new Composer reports, Piano is making it easier for companies to get the most from that data as they track the information that matters to them.


Split Test Report

Test every part of your business against the KPIs that matter most. With the new Composer Split Test report, you’ll get a rich visual depiction of the progress and results of your active and completed split tests, backed by intelligent confidence calculations. Dig deeper into detailed variant performance as compared to your business-relevant KPIs — including revenue, executions, conversion and micro-conversion metrics — and view the contextual nuances surrounding every variant.

  • Choose the right KPI for your test. Run flexible split tests against revenue, total card executions, exposures, conversions, conversion rate, micro-conversions and micro-conversion rate.

  • Automatically funnel your audience. With a flip of toggle, set your split test to automatically funnel your audience to a winning variant once it’s been determined — without having to check back in.

  • Get a winning probability for every variant. Piano’s predictive testing engine can offer a winning probability for each variant in your split test, given your selected KPI.

  • Explore contextual insights. View the contextual nuances surrounding every variant in your split test to better understand how your experiential logic and criteria may be impacting your test results.

  • Export your data. Export all your past, present and active split tests into CSV format. Your data belongs to you.

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Flow Report

Optimize the value and effectiveness of every experience. With the Composer Flow report, you can visualize the movement of your audience through each branch of an experience over time. You’ll be able to paint a precise picture of how many users satisfied your segmentation and conditional criteria and triggered various events and actions, how many were exposed to offers, and how many ultimately converted. All to help you easily identify bottlenecks, find opportunities to optimize your experience logic, and generate maximum value.

  • Observe the flow of users. Visualize the flow of users across all branches in your active and past experiences, and across customizable timespans.

  • Analyze cards. Get a detailed analysis for every card that shows the total inbound traffic and outbound executions, the percentage of users who satisfied your card criteria or triggered an event, and the percentage of users who were left “on the table” by not satisfying the criteria.

  • View results distribution. See a detailed distribution of every observed card outcome, to understand the flow of users through split tests and pageview meters and reveal new potential targeting opportunities.

  • Meter pageviews live. Keep your finger on the pulse of every live pageview meter with a real-time look at how many users are actively on your website at every meter increment — including increments you’re not targeting.

  • Act on your data. Seamlessly transition between reporting and editing for perpetual analysis and optimization.

  • Export your data. Export your aggregate flow data and card analysis data into CSV format. Your data belongs to you.

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Conversion Report

Define and measure the value of every conversion and micro-conversion — all at an unprecedented level. The Composer Conversion report offers a contextually sensitive aggregate analysis of every conversion and micro-conversion event generated by your experience — as well as the revenue-centric value they create.

  • Complete conversion tracking. Track conversions of all types, including one-off payments, subscriptions, newsletter sign-ups, site registrations, ad block disables, gift redemptions, micro-conversions and more.

  • Understand the context. Rapidly explore ready-made views that analyze the experiential Composer actions, on-site templates, digital devices, content tags, sources (including Piano VX and other third-party offer management systems) and geolocations that drove your conversions and micro-conversions.

  • Automatically report revenue. Access instantaneous revenue data on conversions driven by Piano VX offers, terms and templates — at both the individual conversion level and the aggregate level.

  • Create custom revenue association and estimation. Rapidly and easily associate custom revenue values to any conversion or micro-conversion by leveraging the robust contextual metadata provided on every event, and tailoring those revenue values in increasingly specific scenarios.

  • Export your data. Export your aggregate or subset conversion and micro-conversion data into CSV format. Your data belongs to you.

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